VSI5X Sand Making Machine

Product Features: Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of vulnerable parts, quicker adjustments

  • Input Size: 0-50mm
  • Capacity: 70-640TPH
  • Material: Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.

Sand Making Machine is necessary crushing equipment used in manufactured sand production line, sand & gravel production plant etc. It is SBM company to introduce German technology, with a number of independent patent property rights of the new generation in the development of VSI5X series sand making machine based on the products, set three broken mode in one, has become the core equipment of sand industry mechanism. It is widely used for manufactured sand or artificial sand production. Also, it is the mainstream truing machine for mining and construction industries.

Working Principle

The material fall into the feed hopper, the center feeding hole into the high-speed rotation of the rotor was sufficiently accelerated and by emission mouth out, first with the rebound after a part of the free falling impact of materials, and then with the impact to the vortex shaped material around the vortex cavity lining (or counter block), is first bounced back to the top after the crushing cavity, partial steering movement, forming a continuous material curtain and launch out from the impeller material impact, finally through the lower part of the discharge port discharge.

When sand making machine working, material falls into the high-speed turning impellers from the top of machine and crushes with the material distributed around the impeller under the effect of high speed centrifugal force. After the impact with each other, the material is crushed between impeller and cabinet and is discharged from the bottom. It can cycle many times with the close circuit and the sizing device will control the granularity of finished products.

VSI5X Sand Making Machine Structure

Sand making machine comprises a feeding hopper, feeder, vortex dynamic crushing cavity, an impeller body, spindle assembly, a base, a transmission device and a motor is composed of seven parts. Sand making machine can provide high-quality aggregate for high-rise building, highway construction, municipal engineering, large water conservancy facilities, concrete mixing stations and other fields. The equipment is suitable for an ultrahigh hard, medium hard and pattern material crushing and fine crushing operations, it is mine processing equipment for energy-saving, low consumption.

VSI5X Sand Making Machine Advantages

With the increase of the size of the sand making machine companies and the constant improvement of production environment, the requirements for the technological equipment of stone production is going higher and higher. Because of the rapid development of the industry, the exuberant sand equipment market attracted large quantities of international enterprise to enter the market in China and also promoted the technological improvement of the large-scale sand maker, crushing and screening equipment and a complete set of production lines.

  • Dual Purpose Balk Cargo Tray - Simph3city Of Operation, Quick Switchover Of Feedstock Modes.

  • Elaborately-Designed Emission Mouth And Inner Curve - Reducing Resistance And Increasing Throughput.

  • Rotor Optimization Design - Deepening Cavity Type To Increase Yield.

  • Key Parts Adopt Optimization Design - Reducing Wear And Use-Cost.


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