S5X Vibrating Screen

Product Features: Fabricated from a complete plate, stronger exciting force, lower noise

  • Input Size: 0-200mm
  • Capacity: 45-900TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

The vibration screen of this series is a new type of multi-layer, high efficiency round vibration screen. The vibration screen is with adjustable amplitude, material screen of long line, multi-layer screen separation, clear screening of each specification, high efficiency of screening and it is widely used for product grading in departments of mining area, sandstones, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry, etc.

Working Principle

This series of Vibrating Screen For Make Sand with eccentric block as the excitation source to drive the sieve box for circular vibrating, its working principle is: the screen box through the elastic support on the base (or base), the eccentric block is mounted on the spindle, the spindle through the bearing and the bearing seat is arranged on the side of the screen box. Motor driven by triangle with intermediate shaft, intermediate shaft drives the rotation of the spindle, spindle rotates to drive an eccentric block to rotate, inertia force of the eccentric block to produce forced vibration sieve box. With the motor running, the approximate circular locus motion vibrating screen, realize continuous screening operation.

Vibrating Screen For Make Sand uses the N series of eccentric vibration exciter, intermediate transmission connected by flexible connection, equipment amplitude is larger, and vibration was stable. The ability of the vibration sieve and screening efficiency are improved, which can ensure the operation of the vibrating screen is more reliable and service life is longer.

Vibrating Screen Structure

vibration screens of this series are mainly composed of screen box, screen mesh, vibrator, damping spring device, base, etc. The vibrator is on the side panel of the screen box and can be driven by the generator through joint or belt to rotate and produce centrifugal inertial force to make the screen box vibrate. The screen mesh is easy to damage. According to the requirements of the materials and consumers, the screen can be woven high manganese steel screen mesh, punched screen plate or rubber screen plate. The screen plates can be divided into two types, mono-layer and multi-layer.

Vibrating Screen Features

All types of screen plates shall be in conformity with requirements of high efficiency separation, long life without blocking the hole bottom. The screen of this series is in pedestal assembly. The inclination of the screen face can be adjusted by changing the height of the spring base. The generator is installed on the left or right side of the screen frame. The materials shall be supplied on the right side along the movement direction unless otherwise specified.

  • Long flowing h3ne many screening specifications.

  • Strong violent vibrating force High screening efficiency.

  • Small vibrating noises Firm and durable construction.

  • Convenient maintenance and safe operation.


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