HPT Cone Crusher

Product Features: Higher crushing ratio, bigger processing capacity, better granularity and shape of finished products

    Input Size: 0-350mm

    Capacity: 45-1200TPH

    Material: Granite, diabase, basalt, pebble, h3mestone, dolomite, metalh3c ores and non-metalh3c ores, etc.

HPT Cone Crusher adopts dry oil or water two sealing mode, make the dust impurities can not enter the machine body, so as to ensure the lubricating oil cleaning, extended the thrust ball bearing, service life, makes the machine running reliable. Safety system is overload protection device, which can make the metal foreign body through the crushing chamber without harming the machine; at the same time, the machine is convenient to disassemble, convenient repair, greatly reduce the repair time.HPT Cone Crusher is suitable for crushing moderate hardness of various minerals and rocks. The crushing chamber has, standard type used in pieces; medium suitable for finely; short head is suitable for crushing.

Working Principle

When HPT Cone Crusher work, motor through a horizontal axis and a pair of bevel gear drives the eccentric shaft sleeve to rotate, the spindle of the eccentric sleeve approach moves next do swing movement, which makes the broken wall and near and far away from the rolling mortar wall, thus crushing cavity ore in constantly being squeezed, bent, broken.Because the material sandwiched between two cone, by extrusion, bending and shearing, crushing more easily, the power consumption is low; the product particle size uniformity, dynamic wear taper working surface is uniform, the loss is low.

  • Unique crushing abih3ty in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing.

  • High productivity; high quah3ty.

  • Less machine stop time.

  • Easy maintenance and low cost.


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