Why The Dust Setting Of Coal Mill Is Easy To Break2020-04-30


The dust-removal settings inside the SBM Medium Speed ​​Coal Mill are mainly used to prevent the impact of dust spillage on the environment and equipment, but when working, the dust-removal device of the equipment will break down, and this phenomenon occurs. What is the reason?

Medium speed coal pulverizer is a device used for grinding. When working, it is inevitable that dust will be generated. If the generated dust overflows, it will cause environmental pollution and lubrication pollution, making the lubrication effect. Decline, and the phenomenon of increased wear and tear, so when we work, we need to equip it with a dust removal device, but the machine’s dust removal device will appear damaged, here is to analyze, what is the problem of damage.

Generally speaking, when the medium-speed coal mill is working, the damage to its dust removal device is mainly due to the phenomenon of wear, and the reasons for its wear are mainly two aspects:


1. After processing by the medium-speed coal pulverizer, it produces dust with strong fluidity and friction. Therefore, when collecting with a dust removal device, it will cause the wear of the filter bag and reduce its service life. This phenomenon Occurred, mostly in the production process of aluminum powder, silicon powder and carbon powder;

2. If the machine is processing charged dust or hot particulate matter, then the wear of the dust removal device is also serious, because the chemical fiber filter material is usually easy to charge, if the dust is also charged, it is very easy to produce sparks , Which is easy to damage the dust bag;

The article mainly introduces the phenomenon that the dust removal setting of the medium-speed coal mill is easily damaged, mainly due to wear, and then analyzes the two phenomena that cause the wear phenomenon. In order to solve this problem, you can Replace it with a pulse dust collector. This kind of dust removal equipment has better advantages. It also has a better service life under the premise of meeting the dust removal effect. Most types of equipment on the market are now using this type of dust removal device.