Ultrafine Mill For Bentonite Grinding In Philippines2019-09-04


Bentonite is a kind of non-metallic mineral with high economic value. At present, bentonite has been used as raw material or additive in more than one hundred departments in 24 fields such as industry and industry abroad. Bentonite is called clay because of its wide application.

Bentonite is a kind of high-quality binder under natural conditions. It has high absorptivity. It is mainly clay-like and can be used in many industrial production. In the fields of industry and agriculture, bentonite can be used to treat internal or external defects, and it is also one of the more effective and stronger healing clays.

Bentonite is usually obtained from the mine through quarrying. After being dried and processed by certain equipment, the bentonite can be used in various fields of production.

Ultrafine Mill For Bentonite Grinding

Generally, the process of drying bentonite mainly includes the following steps: crushing, grinding, etc. The products commonly used for bentonite crushing are jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc. The crushed bentonite particles can be used for production through the grinding effect of the Mill. At present, the company has developed a series of Mill products, which can be used for bentonite grinding equipment has many, but based on some industrial applications of bentonite required fineness size, it is common to use ultrafine Mill to process bentonite.

Method of Processing Bentonite by Ultrafine Mill

The bentonite powder obtained by grinding can be used for the following production, such as decolorizing agent, binder, thixotropic agent, suspension agent, stabilizer, filling material, feed, catalyst, etc. It is widely used in agriculture, light industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields. In addition, bentonite can also be used for the production of waterproof materials. For example, the production of waterproof felt, waterproof board and so on. Here, bentonite is mainly used for the production of supporting materials.

At present, the development of bentonite is more and more extensive in the world, but because the scale of bentonite manufacturing enterprises in China is relatively small and their technology level is relatively low compared with foreign countries, but because the competition in this industry is not very fierce, its output and price are increasing year by year. If users have this idea, hope Be able to seize opportunities.