Pulverizer For Sale In Philippines2019-11-03


Pulverizer is a grinding machinery used widely for powdering of dry red chillies, spices, food, herbs, plant materials, animal feed materials desired for manufacturing cakes, husks, pulses, cereals, seeds, saw dust, coconut shell, minerals, chemicals etc. Philippines produces almost all the known grinded spices and Pulveriser is the main machine for the purpose of grinding.

pulverizer applications

Designed to smash broken concrete masses into small pieces, the concrete pulverizer serves as a highly effective tool in demolition of buildings, bridges, etc.

The smashing process by the concrete pulverizer helps in the recovery of reinforcing bars from demolished concrete structures, and in the transporting of crushed concrete off the site.

impact pulverizer for sale

We bring froth an impregnable range of Impact Pulverizer. This Impact Pulverizes is widely used in various industries for diverse applications including processing and blending activities. The unique features of this Mini Pulverizers include low maintenance cost, high durability and easy cleaning and washing. The main attributes of this Mini Pulverizers include long lasting durability, corrosion resistance and resistive against degradation. Our Mini Pulverizers are used for fertilizers, dyestuffs, chemical products, insecticides & pesticides, mineral, pigments colors and metal separation.

impact pulverizer design features