Production Site Of Calcite Ultrafine Grinding Machine2019-12-19


Calcite is a kind of calcium carbonate mineral, which is more common in natural calcium carbonate. It has various shapes, such as granular, massive, fibrous, stalactic, earthy, etc. Moreover, calcite is widely distributed in our country and has great value in development and utilization. The application of calcite ultrafine powder is very strong, and the economic benefit of processing and grinding is very high. Calcite superfine powder can be used as filler in artificial stone, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, coating, plastic, cable, papermaking, cosmetics, glass, medicine, paint, ink, cable, power insulation, food, textile, feed, binder, sealant, asphalt, building materials, construction products, daily chemicals and other industries. It can not only improve the function and performance of related products, but also reduce the cost of products. Therefore, calcite superfine grinding machine is very promising for investment!

In order to understand the preparation process of calcite ultrafine powder more clearly, we need to conduct field investigation on the production site of calcite ultrafine grinding machine. First of all, the main production equipment on the production site of the calcite ultrafine pulverizer includes jaw crusher, bucket elevator, bin, vibrating feeder, ultrafine pulverizer, classifier, cyclone collector, pulse dust removal system, high-pressure fan and electric control cabinet.

Next, we will examine the specific production process of the lower calcite ultra-fine grinding machine: the large calcite raw ore enters the jaw crusher for initial breaking, the crushed stone enters the bin for storage through the bucket elevator, and then enters the ultra-fine grinding machine evenly and quantitatively by the vibrating feeder for fine grinding. The fine ground ultra-fine calcite powder enters the classifier for powder selection under the suction of the high-pressure fan, and the qualified powder crushing air flow enters the powder collector for collection and discharge, which is the finished product. If it is unqualified, it needs to be returned to the mill for grinding until it meets the particle size requirements. The air flow with a small amount of fine dust is purified by the pulse dust collector and then discharged by the fan and muffler.

The dust pollution and noise on the production site of the calcite superfine mill are small, because the superfine mill equipment produced by SBM is applied in the production, not only the production system is sealed, but also equipped with pulse dust remover and silencer. Thus, the economic and environmental benefits of the production site of the calcite superfine grinding machine are achieved.