Precautions For Starting Up The Ultrafine Mill2019-12-18


The ultrafine mill can be used in the grinding operation of fly ash, which greatly helps the production of fly ash. When turning on the mill, we must pay attention to its startup precautions, which can also bring great help to our work.

In the production process, the ultrafine mill equipment has little pollution and low power consumption, and is a device of modern stone flour enterprises. However, during its boot process, we need to pay attention to some matters to make it boot more smoothly. When starting up, check with cold water. Cold water is very important for the protection of the equipment. Before starting, the user must first check the reducer, grinding rollers and lubricating devices, and also determine whether the valve on the cooling water pipe of the air lock valve hydraulic cabinet has been opened, and control it properly flow.

When inspecting and adjusting the lubricating oil of the lubrication system, don’t be careless. In the work of the ultrafine mill, proper lubrication plays a key role in ensuring the long-term stable operation of the equipment. Therefore, we must not only ensure that there is not too much lubricant, but also that there is not too little. Because too much lubricating oil will not guarantee the heat dissipation of the machine and cause the machine to heat up, but if the lubricating oil is too little, the machine will be damaged due to high friction and other reasons.

Of course, there are many precautions that cannot be ignored before the ultrafine mill is turned on. These matters are the key to ensure the normal production of the machine. Therefore, the raw material warehouse of the ultrafine mill equipment and the interior of the equipment must be inspected in detail. Before loading the raw material warehouse, make sure that the debris left by the installation has been removed to prevent the blockage of the warehouse or metal materials from entering the raw material mill, causing damage to the machine. Therefore, before the user starts the mill, a detailed and comprehensive inspection of the inside of the mill is required to remove debris and prevent the equipment from being stuck or damaged during operation. Normal production is inseparable from all aspects of inspection and maintenance of the machine. This is not a delay in time. On the contrary, it is an effective work to save production time. I hope users can consider it.