Efficiency And Environmental Protection of Vertical Ultrafine Mill2019-10-10


In iron and steel, metallurgy, especially in the power industry, the application of pulverized coal grinding technology of blast furnace is very extensive. In the blast furnace pulverizing system, SBM’s large ultrafine pulverizer coal machine is more important equipment. First, the raw coal is grinded and processed into pulverized coal, and then used in the next step. It can be said that the quality of pulverized coal is directly related to the effect of the whole blast furnace pulverized coal grinding process. And SBM’s large vertical ultrafine pulverizer coal machine not only has high grinding efficiency and output, but also has very high pulverized coal fineness level, which is the reason why most of the customers of blast furnace pulverized coal grinding have locked their eyes on SBM ultrafine Coal machine.

Vertical Ultrafine Mill Coal Machine Used in Pulverized Coal Boiler System

Winter has come, and the urban heating system in China has been fully started. The coal-fired boiler system is used for urban heating, and the quality of pulverized coal is directly related to the performance of coal-fired boilers and heating efficiency. At present, Shanghai SBM vertical ultrafine pulverizer coal machine is widely used in the renovation of new type boilers, which makes the combustion efficiency of the reformed pulverized coal boilers higher and the emission of pollutants reduced, and also integrates the desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal devices.

Vertical Ultrafine Mill for Processing Coal Activated Carbon

Coal-based activated carbon often needs to use high-quality coal as raw material, using high-quality ultrafine pulverizer coal machine. The processing technology is: first, the powder raw material and binder are mixed, extruded, then carbonized, activated and other processes can be prepared. Activated carbon of coal series prepared by the coal machine of SBM large vertical ultrafine mill has very developed pore structure, excellent adsorption performance and high mechanical strength. It has the characteristics of repeatable regeneration and low cost. It can be widely used to purify industrial and domestic water, purify toxic gases and treat waste gas.

Application of Vertical Ultrafine Mill in Pulverized Coal Preparation of Lime Kiln

In our country, lime kiln forging and burning quicklime technology is more and more widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, steel, building materials and other industries, and the quality level of lime powder is increasingly demanded. Moreover, the development of modern lime kiln requires more and more pulverized coal, which puts forward higher requirements for pulverized coal processing equipment. In order to meet this requirement, SBM large-scale ultrafine pulverizer not only meets the quality requirements, but also greatly improves the grinding efficiency.